Beach life

One of the biggest attractions on Nantucket is the beach. This is an island don’t forget so Nantucket has a fair number of sandy spots.


Not being in a position to work here when I first arrived I dedicated much of my time to exploring the island – and that logically included a diligent study of the island’s shorelines. Water temperature in the summer is in the 60’s. For a girl who grew up in Bermuda this is a little chilly but when the sun is at its highest and the humidity is punishing, a fresh dip in the ocean offers instant relief.

The beaches on the North Shore tend to be calmer and are more gently sloping making them ideal spots for families with young children. The South Shore beaches on the other hand tend to be much rougher and the water gets deep very quickly. The South Shore is where you want to head if you’re looking to surf, while the harbour is better suited for SUP. Life guards are stationed around the island.

And surfing is pretty big out here. Almost every SUV you see in the summer will have a board on its roof rack.  I had a great first lesson with  Ack Surf out at Madequecham Beach my first summer. The other students were two teenage boys so they ended up with one instructor while I went out with the other – a private lesson for the group price! Interestingly these guys now appear to focus on apparel rather than lessons.

With a little assistance from the teacher I was able to catch a wave and even stand up once or twice. It was awesome and I’d love to try again but for one reason or another I’ve just never had the time. My husband recently purchased a couple of Stand Up Paddleboards and as soon as I’m given the all clear to bear weight again on the ankle I broke last month I’m absolutely going to be out on the water with it.

But as beautiful as the beaches are, swimmers have to be aware of possible rip tides. Breaking news this morning was a family caught in one. They were rescued by life guards and a mystery Good Samaritan.  Luckily they never dropped the Go Pro!