Dogs on a Nantucket holiday

Thinking of bringing your pup on vacation this summer? Nantucket is a great place for dogs. Here are my first 5 (of 10) tips to ensure you and Fido have a wonderful time.

1. Check your accommodation

Before making further plans double-check that Fido is welcome where you’re planning to stay. Not all hotels or inns are happy to accept our four-legged friends and boarding options are very limited once you reach the island. If you’re still looking for pet-friendly accommodation, check out the awesome Woof Cottages at Nantucket Island Resorts .

2. Make sure all vaccinations are up to date

Rabies is the big one. We don’t have it on the island and we don’t want it. Rabies vaccination is the law in Massachusetts. Fleas and ticks are prevalent on the island so ensure you’re using an effective treatment as well as a heartworm preventative. If you’re worried about Lymes Disease, speak to your vet about the vaccination well before you travel.

3. Emergency veterinary treatment

Make sure you have easy access to Rover’s veterinary and vaccination records. It could make all the difference in the (hopefully) unlikely event you need to seek emergency treatment. Know your local vet’s contact details and save this link for Offshore Animal Hospital – the island’s largest provider of veterinary care.

4. Transport

There are only two ways to get to the island – by boat or by plane. If arriving by air, check with your carrier for their requirements. If coming by ferry, you have a choice of a two-hour traditional car ferry or a one hour fast boat. The fast boat is always busy in the summer. There may be many other dogs and very little space. Dogs are not allowed on seats. Please consider your pet’s comfort as well as other passengers’ safety. Packed boats and big anxious dogs aren’t always a great match. Have lots of distracting treats with you to keep your pup as calm as possible. While the journey is a little longer, bringing your dogs in your own car means they have a quiet and familiar place to relax before and during the trip.

5. Safety

We have beautifully warm sunny days and while not as hot as on the mainland, please don’t plan on leaving your dog in your car for any length of time when you reach the island. Temperatures in cars ramp up quickly. Ensure your pet has a well-fitting collar with your on island contact details – no point having a phone number which you’ll be away from for the next month! Chipping your pet is a great way to ensure you can always be reunited even if a collar comes off.



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