Welcome winter

I haven’t posted for months. Which excuse should I use?

I was asked recently what there is to do in Nantucket in the winter. The answer is a resounding “that depends on what you like doing”. If you’re unhappy with anything but a fast paced way of life 7 days a week, Nantucket can be a challenge in January, February and March. But if you like to bundle up and go for rugged walks, or curl up at home with a good book, there’s always something to do.


Walking dogs every day, I experience a fair amount of Nantucket’s rugged side. And winter here can be harsh. While we don’t get a ton of snow, we get freezing winds that cause the boats and planes to cancel and leave you literally stranded on the island. Winter vacations necessitate planning an extra day of travel to ensure you can leave or return to the island. Boats were cancelled last week and many travellers found themselves on the wrong side of Nantucket Sound. There will be more delays and cancellations as the first big storm of the winter arrives this weekend. As winter progresses, ice rather than wind becomes an issue.


With that said, the deserted beaches on blue sky days like today are more stunning perhaps than in summer.


One of my favorite events on the island at this time of year is “One Book One Island” presented by our incredible library the Nantucket Atheneum and sponsored by a number of local businesses . One book is chosen each year and island residents are encouraged to pick up and read one of the free copies before enjoying themed exhibitions, discussions and films. It’s a great talking point and a wonderful way to come across a new read. This year’s selection:authorbooklg

Work continues for many of us through the winter months, and for those it doesn’t, extended trips await. Nantucketers are a pretty well-traveled bunch. It’s not uncommon to be in a fairly remote part of the world and stumble across someone you recognize from back home. And before long the countdown is on until the Daffodil Festival in April and the constant escalation of activity and excitement of the approaching summer. At least that’s what we all remind ourselves in the depths of winter.


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