3, 2, 1…..LIFTOFF!


You can read more about me on the next page of my blog but essentially I’m an English lady living on Nantucket – an island 30 miles out to sea from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. “ACK” is the airport code for Nantucket for anyone who may be wondering.

And what’s this blog all about? Essentially my life and adventures on this beautiful little island. Nantucket is a unique place and it has been quite a journey for me leaving my old life in Blighty and trying to start again out here. I’ve learnt a fair amount along the way and I thought it could be fun to share some of my experiences – particularly as people often ask what it’s like to live out here. I’ve set up my own small business in a totally unrelated field to what I used to do so maybe for someone looking to do the same my blog can offer a little support and encouragement. And above all, Nantucket has so much to offer and I love talking about the island and the goings on out here.



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